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I was introduced to James Paul Gee‘s research on gaming in education several years ago at a National Writing Project Annual Meeting workshop. NWP colleague and mentor Peter Kittle referenced Gee’s work with the comment (something like) “As educators, we really need to be thinking about when kids are reading and writing when they don’t have to be.”  Ever since, I’ve hoped for an opportunity to hear James Gee present.

Thanks to the growing bank of outstanding resources posted to Edutopia’s Big Thinkers site, I just got my wish. In the interview below, Gee puts gaming – as well as teaching and learning – into a 21st century nutshell.

Might make for a great conversation starter at your next faculty meeting, no? And in case you’re looking for it, here’s the link to Henry Jenkin’s white paper on participatory culture that Gee mentions.

Heading off to search for “fan fiction writing”:-)

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    • Thanks for the link. I know a group of 4th graders here in California who are very interested in learning more about the game. I’ll be sharing your link with them.

      Hope your season is going well (and that your school year is going well too).

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