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Moonshot Thinking

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If you haven’t seen the Moonshot Thinking video, I recommend it. It’s a great conversation starter for the new school year. The term “moonshot” stems from Google and refers the innovative projects underway at the company’s Google X lab: “Moonshots live in the gray area between audacious projects and pure science fiction; instead of mere… Continue reading

Tips and Tools for Making an Award-Winning PSA

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“To fulfill the promise of digital citizenship, Americans must acquire multimedia communication skills that include the ability to compose messages using language, graphic design, images, and sound, and know how to use these skills to engage in the civic life of their communities.” ~Renee Hobbs As we head into the New Year, it is exciting… Continue reading

3 Favorite Sites of the Day

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I’m still working on my first cup of coffee, and already have 3 good resources to share: #1 – How the Internet is Revolutionizing Education – One of the many gems Discovery Education’s Dean Mantz has sent my way via Discovery Education’s Diigo group, this infographic makes visible the impact of the Internet on education.… Continue reading

Intel – Transforming Learning with One to One – Day 1

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This morning, I headed across town to the Twin Rivers School District to attend a 3-day training  sponsored (sort of) by Intel: Transforming Learning with One to One. Here are my take-aways from Day 1: Algebra Help – “a collection of lessons, calculators, and worksheets created to assist students and teachers of algebra” – and… Continue reading

Beyond the Post: Adding more layers to student commenting

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How can blogging help extend elementary students’ summary writing skills? If you’d been with me Friday afternoon at David Reese Elementary School, where I had the privilege of joining 5th grade teacher Rudy Alfonso for his lesson on summary writing, I’m pretty sure you, too, would be inspired by the integral role his class blog… Continue reading

Inviting Shared Conversations around Bloom’s Taxonomy

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I think one of the most powerful learning tools teachers can bring into the classroom is a poster of the updated Bloom’s Taxonomy. Considering how many print-ready posters are already online, if I were an administrator, I’d provide all my teachers with  full-blown, color-coded charts they could easily point to and use as a framework… Continue reading

Students as Producers of Information

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A few NECC conferences ago, I attended a session with Chris Lehmann. He introduced the word “prosumer,”  a combination of consumer and producer.  Chris predicted this word would soon make its way into the English language. I am fortunate to work with a number of teachers who actively, consciously structure a students-as-producers model of learning.… Continue reading

In Response to Alfie Kohn’s Tweet

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What ed philo & tchg styles are likely in a schl whose walls feature motivational posters w/can-do slogans about effort & success?” Alfie Kohn Alfie Kohn’s Friday morning tweet was on my mind as I headed down the hill yesterday to my school district – and 24 hours later, I’m still thinking about how I… Continue reading

Movie Making with Skype?…Meet Mr. Alfonso – Part 1

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Skype is great tool…but movie making with Skype? Meet Mr. Alfonso, one of my EETT teachers, who I’m guessing can take any technology tool to a new level. His Meet the David Reese Bunch video is but one of a growing bank of samples of how movie making can promote shared learning communities. A visit… Continue reading

National Day on Writing – Come Join the Celebration!

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If you haven’t already marked October 20th on your calendar to take part in the National Day on Writing, please read on! In recognition of how integral writing has become to all of us as we journey further into the 21st century, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is inviting our nation to… Continue reading