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Making Empathy and Support Visible for All Students – A Shoutout to Sac City USD

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Attending Sacramento City USD’s No Time to Lose – A Professional Conference to Activate Change for LGBTQ Youth was a wonderful way to end the work week. This was my second time to participate in this annual event, so I already knew the conference experience would remain in my thoughts over the weekend – and… Continue reading

Three Things Schools Should not Drop

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In a time of continued budget cuts, I would argue that schools should not drop: 1. Spelling – Students need to recognize when spelling is important (as the image above illustrates) and to have the confidence to question the spellchecker: 2. Cursive writing – I get that the Common Core State Standard’s technology-based approach calls… Continue reading

ISTE Day 3: Bringing History Alive – Library of Congress

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It’s been a while since I’ve revisited the Library of Congress Teachers website, so I’m  attending this session to see what’s new (and as a way to remember my LOC friend and mentor Leni Donlan). Gail Petri is the main presenter and has already uploaded her presentation: Differentiation through the Use of Primary Sources. Activity… Continue reading

Harps for Hope – One teacher making a difference

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Imagine hearing the peaceful music of the harp drifting across an elementary school campus at the close of a busy school day. This image might bring to mind enrichment programs typical of more affluent school sites. But if 4th grade teacher Teresa Cheung is awarded a Pepsi Grant, students at David Reese Elementary School, a… Continue reading

3 Area Schools Told: Reform or close

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Are you kidding me… close Oak Ridge Elementary School?! In what is already less than a banner year for education in general, it was painful to start my morning with a local story, the Sac Bee‘s front page story: 3  area schools told: Reform or close. Oak Ridge Elementary School is part of the Sacramento… Continue reading

On Promoting a Love of Reading

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I finally bought a copy of Kelly Gallagher‘s Readicide.  I wish I had read it sooner so that I could have joined in the VoiceThread and the English Companion Ning discussions. However, I have it now and want to promote it to anyone working with K-12 students! In less than 150 pages, the author clearly… Continue reading