Live from ISTE NECC – Day 1

I arrived at the Denver Convention Center too late for the Monday morning ISTE NECC 2010 sessions, due to a delayed flight out of NYC.  But the afternoon sessions made up for missing Will Richardson’s and David Warlick’s morning sessions. BYOL Session: Free and Easy Bibliography: Scaffolding Student Research with Zotero – Having heard NWP […]

Live from NECC – Scratch Community

Mitch Resnick, from MIT, is leading the Scratch session. Scratch is all about creating, building, and inventing – to be makers of things. You can’t be fluent in digital media just by interacting; you need to also be able to create. Bridging Divides: making and interacting art and engineering creativity and systematicity individual and community […]

Digital Storytelling with Arnie Abrams

Arnie Abrams is opening the session by stating that digital storytelling should be more about the writing – and the writing process – than about the technology. Benefits of digital storytelling: can be made interactive provides real audience works for the “YouTube generation” helps develop visual literacy helps to understand mass media requires presentation skills […]