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Rwanda – Looking for the Good

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Question: How do you talk about and teach difficult topics, including the unthinkable, the unspeakable? Answer: You look for the good. This summer I traveled to Rwanda, Africa, with the incredible Carl Wilkens, director of the World Outside My Shoes Foundation – and the only American to remain in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. Without a… Continue reading

Heading to Manzanar

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I’m packing my overnight bag for a weekend excursion to the Owens Valley, to visit Manzanar, a former WWII  internment camp for citizens of Japanese heritage. I’ll be traveling with California State University, Sacramento, professor Wayne Mayeda, a group of former internees, students from CSUS,  and a team of teachers from my district. Our journey… Continue reading

A Tuskegee Airman Remembers – An interview with George Porter

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I have a message on my cell phone  I will never delete.  It’s the voice of Tuskegee Airman George Porter letting me know that he’d be very happy to meet with students in Martin Billings’ 11th grade US History class and share his experiences as a Tuskegee Airman. Formed in 1942 amid controversy, the Tuskegee… Continue reading

Packing My Bags for NYC!

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I’m heading out tonight for New York City , where I will spend the next two weeks at Columbia University participating in the 2008 Memorial Library Summer Seminar on Holocaust Education. I am already anticipating that these 14 days will be a life-changing experience. I realize that across time there are common threads between the… Continue reading

Taking a Chance on Words: Why are the Asian-American kids silent in class?

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“While teachers are concerned about this lack of participation in classroom talk, they are also often relatively accepting of these quiet students who don’t pose a discipline problem, who turn in homework on time, and in general, get passing grades.“ I am pulling a few quotes from Carol Tateishi‘s article Taking a Chance with Words,… Continue reading

Time of Remembrance: Move Over Ken Burns!

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“History happens one person at a time.” Nikos Theodosakis Several major projects have taken over my life during the last six weeks (which accounts for my lapse in posting and responding). At the top of my list is the Time of Remembrance oral histories project and website, a resource that includes the living voices of… Continue reading

Tackling Life – A South Sacramento Story

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The front page of the Sunday Sacramento Bee features the first of a three-part story that I wish every educator – across the state and nation – had access to: Tackling Life – South Sacramento Raiders. Bee staff writer Jocelyn Wiener has followed former team members of the 1992 south Sacramento Raiders Junior Midgets football… Continue reading

Overcoming the Achievement Gap – Can It Be This Simple?

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To pass the time on my flights to and from NECC, I grabbed – and dusted off – a few magazines from my nightstand. The first article to catch my eye was from the April/May 2007 edition of George Luca’s edutopia: Overcoming Underachievement – How a simple writing exercise dismantled negative racial preconceptions. I’ve since… Continue reading