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Helping Students Flex Their Reading Level/Lexile Muscles

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I grew up in a home with books. In the room we referred to as the “den,” an entire wall was lined with my parents’ books and book collections. There was also a small glass three-shelf bookcase that did not require any climbing and reaching on my part and that held “the book.” It was… Continue reading

Reports from Cyberspace – Heading into the New Year

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What a great start to the New Year! I woke up to beautiful snow (something we get only a few times a year here in Placerville, CA) and my morning edition of The nwp Daily, full of thought provoking posts, Tweets, and links for stepping into 2011. The first link I clicked on took me… Continue reading

AR – Good Bye Accelerated Reader – Hello Augmented Reality!

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I know that some of you take issue with my occasional questioning the value of the Accelerated Reader program in a 21st century classroom. As of today, when I write about AR, I’ll be referring to Augmented Reality, not Accelerated Reader. As a write this post, I’m downloading the cAR Locator app to my iPhone,… Continue reading

Reading by Numbers – One last AR rant

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I promise this will be my last rant on the widely popular Accelerated Reader program, but I feel the need to share an essay posted last summer to the New York Times.   Author Susan Straight’s “Reading by Numbers” gives a parent’s perspective on the negative impact this “reading management” software that reduces reading to a… Continue reading

Accelerated Reader- Four questions for administrators

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As school districts everywhere brace for yet another round of budget cuts, I have a question: Why not drop the annual online testing fee to Accelerated Reader? This question has been on my mind  ever since NCTE colleague and mentor Allen Webb shared his observation that “school districts tend to value programs they have to… Continue reading

On Promoting a Love of Reading

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I finally bought a copy of Kelly Gallagher‘s Readicide.  I wish I had read it sooner so that I could have joined in the VoiceThread and the English Companion Ning discussions. However, I have it now and want to promote it to anyone working with K-12 students! In less than 150 pages, the author clearly… Continue reading

Accelerated Reader – Time to Say “No”?

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Let me start this rant with a positive example of how the Accelerated Reading Program is used at some school sites. I’m thinking of the 5th grade teacher who is starting a unit on the American Revolution and is seeking historical fiction and biographies to supplement the history textbook.  The school librarian has used AR’s… Continue reading