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Teaching Digital Citizenship in 2017

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#BeInternetSafe curriculum

Digital citizenship is often cited as the fastest changing subject in the K-12 curriculum. Thinking back 10 years to 2007, when I first began rolling out a digital citizenship program for my district, we were using iSafe, a curriculum that focused on keeping students safe from others. “Stranger danger” was a big concern, with much… Continue reading

Teaching Kindness

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It’s become quite clear that modern education must encompass more than just academics, and that matters of the heart must be taken seriously and nurtured as a matter of priority. Lisa Currie The Challenge: Can kindness and empathy really be taught? This morning I re-read Lisa Currie’s October post for Edutopia: Why Teaching Kindness in Schools Is… Continue reading

PBL Workshop – A year later

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A year ago, a wonderful principal at one of my district’s elementary schools invited me to give a 1-hour workshop at his site on Project-Based Learning (PBL). I was thrilled to have the request come from an administrator and for the opportunity to organize my thoughts and resources into something useful for teachers. I set… Continue reading

A 60-Minute Introduction to PBL

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On Wednesday, I will head over to an elementary site in my district to give a one-hour session on Project-Based Learning (PBL). I am thrilled for the invitation and the opportunity to initiate conversations on how technology can support teachers in taking student learning to new levels. Within a 60-minute limit, my goal is to… Continue reading

An Amazing Student – who pays tribute to an amazing teacher

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For California public schools and their 2012-13 budgets, so much depends on  November, when voters will have the opportunity to step up and support our schools by approving the governor’s proposed budget. Given the tsunami of teacher bashing still sweeping the country, I hope every district in the state – and nation – will make… Continue reading

Teaching Writing “Out of a Box” – Can we reverse the trend?

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Writing in its many forms is the signature means of communication in the 21st century. ” (National Writing Project) I was not taught how to teach writing as part of my teacher credential program.  It is through my 16-year affiliation with the National Writing Project that I have joined conversations, learned strategies, and shared best… Continue reading

Advancing Network Uses – Best grant ever!

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Lucky me! In the last school year, I received an Advancing Networks Uses Grant (ANU), a wonderful grant that allowed me to showcase how technology is changing classroom practice  in my district. I titled my ANU proposal Teach 21, and promised to document 21 classroom examples that would make visible effective integration of technology across… Continue reading

Big Thinkers: James Paul Gee

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I was introduced to James Paul Gee‘s research on gaming in education several years ago at a National Writing Project Annual Meeting workshop. NWP colleague and mentor Peter Kittle referenced Gee’s work with the comment (something like) “As educators, we really need to be thinking about when kids are reading and writing when they don’t… Continue reading

A Case for Filmmaking in the Classroom

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The great films have not been made yet. The ones who will make them are out there, though, riding a skateboard.” – Robert Altman Why would a classroom teacher at any grade level or in any subject area consider adding one more activity into an already jam-packed curriculum? This is a question I ask myself… Continue reading