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Super Social Safety Digiteens on K12 Online Conference

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This week I am determined to join some of the final sessions scheduled for the 2009  K12 Online Conference – Bridging the Divide. I visited the site this morning to check the schedule and that’s when I discovered the link to the Digiteens Global Project , another inspiring project facilitated by the ever-inspiring Vicki Davis.… Continue reading

Checkout the Internet Safety Video Contest!

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Thanks to much support from my district (especially Tech Services and Communications) and a partnership with the US Attorney’s Office, my 2WebWatchers partner, Kathleen Watt, and I were able to spend the December 16 School Board meeting recognizing a group of students for their entries in our First Annual Internet Safety Video Contest. The winning… Continue reading

3Cs – Cyberethics, Cybersafety, Cybersecurity

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Davina Pruitt-Mentle and Nancy Willard are leading this section on cyber awareness – which goes beyond cyber safety. PowerPoint of session will be up on NECC ning soon. Davina: Academic Integrity/Cyber Ethics Big disconnect between K12 arena and higher ed. What’s the difference between academic integrity and plagiarism? Academic integrity includes plagiarism as a subset.… Continue reading

On the Internet, “nobody knows you’re a dog”

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This post is in response to Anne Mirtschin‘s request for cybersafety resources for students. I’m currently out of the classroom, but for the past two years I’ve been teaming with our district webmaster to provide Internet safety workshops for teachers and administrators, who during the course of the 2-hour session often swap their teacher hats… Continue reading

New Resources for Digital Citizenship – Get 3/Give 1

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I really like the way the CTAP4 folks have organized resources for learning about and teaching all aspects of digital citizenship. They’ve included links to PowerPoints, workshop wikis, and even this wonderful poster. I think much of the credit for this valuable website goes to at&t’s Linda Uhrenholt. I also appreciate Doug Johnson’s sharing his Cyberbullying and… Continue reading