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Digital Storytelling with Arnie Abrams

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Arnie Abrams is opening the session by stating that digital storytelling should be more about the writing – and the writing process – than about the technology. Benefits of digital storytelling: can be made interactive provides real audience works for the “YouTube generation” helps develop visual literacy helps to understand mass media requires presentation skills… Continue reading

Digital Storytelling

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Bernajean Porter is asking us the difference between a story and storytelling. It’s a “lesson learned” that raises a story to storytelling. We’re watching the sample The Music in My Heart, with the tip that when justifying storytelling in your curriculm, make sure you always end by focusing on the difference it makes to an… Continue reading

Digital Citizenship in Schools: NETS*s Refresh

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Mike Ribble, director of Technology from Manhattan-Ogden School District in Kansas, is starting his session on digital citizenship, using the NETS standard. His opening quote in from the movie “Full Disclosure” with the quote “May you live in interesting times.” Technology opens so many possibilities but also so many issues. NETS*Standard 5 in-a-nutshell definition: “The… Continue reading

Collaborations Around the Planet

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I’m in Janine Lim’s CAP session. She’s walking us through the new features at CAPspace, which make it easier for teachers to connect and to advertise their videoconferencing projects. The new Templates option makes it easy to provide others with information on specific projects. Once you’ve completed your template, you can click on the Collaborate… Continue reading

Ten Tips for Better PowerPoints

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I managed to beat the crowds and am now sitting right up front for David Jakes’ session on 10 Points for Improving PowerPoint presentations. Dean Shareski just finished the introduction (hilarious) of David, who is now starting with some images of old technologies, such as the ditto machine…and heading into the ’80s with…PowerPoint. Yep, PowerPoint… Continue reading

Very Cool Tricks for Using and Making Videos

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I’m sitting in a very packed room with Rushton Hurley (I’m actually hiding from the fire code folks up front where they can’t see that I’m exceeding the room limit). Low Tech Advice: time limits violence and martial arts (think high school boys) podcasts and slideshows – ask the students “Is this what you want… Continue reading

3Cs – Cyberethics, Cybersafety, Cybersecurity

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Davina Pruitt-Mentle and Nancy Willard are leading this section on cyber awareness – which goes beyond cyber safety. PowerPoint of session will be up on NECC ning soon. Davina: Academic Integrity/Cyber Ethics Big disconnect between K12 arena and higher ed. What’s the difference between academic integrity and plagiarism? Academic integrity includes plagiarism as a subset.… Continue reading

Web 2.0 Smack Down!

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Pretty cramped quarters in afternoon session of the today’s EduBloggerCon08 to join Vicki Davis’s Web 2.0 Smack Down session. We’re sharing favorite tools: Poll Everywhere – Starting with What Is Your Fav Color poll. Create, save, open poll and public can vote via cell phone. No need to purchase clickers for your classroom! Have kids… Continue reading

Digital Storytelling with Wes Freyer

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The full title for this session is Digital Storytelling as the Disruptive Change Agent. Wes is starting with fact that student and teachers have little opportunity for feedback – and development – once they’ve created a digital story. Kevin’s Celebrate Oklahoma oral histories project taps into technologies such as a ning for creating the digital… Continue reading