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Demystifying the Flash Player Thingie


I love being a part of the YouthRadio community. This project is wonderful professional development piece for me. Our fearless leader Kevin just explained to our teacher group how to embed a flash file so listeners do not exit the site when listening to one of the student podcasts. Let me see if I can embed the latest podcast from Jim Faires’ students.

Butler Students Look Forward to the NewYear and Beyond


  1. Yep
    I think you got it, Gail.
    I just discovered, too, that you CAN upload some audio files directly into Edublogs now. Use the Upload command when you are creating a file. There is a space limit, but if you were to do just a few short podcasts as an experiment, it should be easy enough to do without having to venture outside the site for a hosting venue (such as we are doing for Youth Radio)
    Let’s hear your voice, Gail!

  2. Thanks, Kevin. I think it’s always been possible to upload audio files into Edublogs. That’s why I was surprised that I couldn’t do the same with WordPress. But then again, I really appreciate the free versions of both these programs. One of my favorite features is seeing all the updates posted right there in my dashboard every time I login….something Manila never seemed to offer. James Farmer is one of my heroes.

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