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“It’s not on the Test”

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Song writer Tom Chapin is my newest hero. Earlier this month, NPR posted his song It’s not on the Test, a humorous lullaby for stressed out students – and a sad commentary on the pressures classroom teachers are under to raise test scores. The first verse pretty much sums it up:

The test is tomorrow
But you’ll do just fine
It’s reading and math
Forget all the rest.
You don’t need to know
What is not on the test.

That digital divide just grows wider at many Title I schools, with a full day of reading and math – but no science or social studies. I Googled It’s not on the Test and saw, to no surprise, that it’s a popular topic in the blogoshpere, with several home school bloggers siting it as a reason to flea public schools.

But I still laugh every time I listen.

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