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Thanks to Kevin H’s post, I found Mike Temple’s very useful site on Edublog Tutorials. He has great beginning how-to video tutorials, but also advanced (for me) user tips on customizing your sidebar and adding all kinds of snazzy widgets. As an added bonus, you can follow along his discussion with my Sacto neighbor Alice Mercer, plus a link to her online tutorial. I’ll throw into the mix the handout I’ve put together for teacher workshops – with a commitment to keep it updated 🙂

Many thanks to James Farmer for his huge part in bringing teachers on board with Web 2.0. And, oh my, I just checked out the wonderful tutorials he has added – starting with a slide show on Why Blog? and moving on to Mike Temple’s start up videos – and links to Alice’s classroom blog .

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  1. Very kind of you to say so – but I’m afraid I can’t take the credit for the tutorials – I just pointed to them 🙂

  2. Thanks for the links. Mike has really inspired me, his site is fantastic.

  3. You are very welcome. I really like your tips for handling comments.

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