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Student Bloggers: A New Category


Thanks to some year-long mentoring by Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim, I am now fully on board with students having their own blogs. I logged off Wednesday night’s Teachers Teaching Teachers Skypecast with some concrete ideas for providing students with the scaffolding to incorporate and share research in their blog posts. Paul has set up a wiki with the instructions for getting Youth Voices 2007 students up and running with Google Reader. I can see how this common thread will help connect readers and writers within the elgg setup and community and stretch their thinking/reading/writing skills as they post and respond.

I am also remembering an NECC conversation with Mark Wagner, who mentioned a student blog he added to his reader: My Year 8 English Blog. After reading Casper’s piece on plastic bags, I sincerely hope this young writer will continue posting when he enters his 9th year.

And thanks to Karl Fisch’s recent post, I discovered 7-year old Abby’s blog. I’m looking forward to following her through the school year. Abby’s will be a great site to share with teachers. This is definitely not MySpace! And check out her ClustrMap!clustrmap.png

Hence a new category in my Blogroll: Student Blogs.

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  1. I blogged some time ago on the introduction of blogs in our classroom; you might like to read about our initial thoughts and where we have been since November 2006. Good luck with your new blogs. N.

  2. Nancy, I don’t know how you found my blog, but I’m very glad you did. You are doing wonderful things with your students – exactly the type of samples I would love to share with teachers. I’m heading over to my Bloglines account to subscribe to your blog. I hope it’s ok with you if I include in my Blogwalker Blogroll too.

    What grade will you be teaching this year?

  3. I like that you wrote about my blog. Thank you.

  4. Abby, when I was 7, I loved writing too. Unfortunately, none of my paper and pencil stories survived. Unlike you, years later, I cannot log onto a computer and revisit what I was thinking and writing about at your age. Lucky you!

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