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Four Slides Sales Pitch


I had today off and spent the morning catching up on reading some of my favorite bloggers. That’s when I saw Bud’s mention of the Dan Meyer’s Four Slides Sales Pitch invitation, which Bud stated he would pass on. And that was certainly my inclination too…but then as a read on in my Bloglines reader and came to Kevin’s and Alice’s recent postings, I had a change of heart.
[slideshare id=89966&doc=4-slides4817&w=425]Technorati Tags: ,


  1. I’m glad you went for it – that was cool to see!

  2. The 4-slide idea is right up there with Twitter, which you introduced me to in Amherst :-).

  3. Very cool.
    Can you share in the forum I set up on our Tech Friend Ning site? You can embed the slideshare right in Ning — just use the embed code.
    I want to inspire others to give it a try.


  4. You bet. I think Slideshare might be down right now (already wanted to do a little revising;-), but I’ll head into the forum.

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