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Nat’l School Boards’ Study on Online Behaviors of US Teens and ‘Tweens


If you haven’t seen the National School Boards Association’s Creating & Connecting: Research and Guideline on Onliline Social – and Educational – Networking, it’s a fast (12 pages) read that might provide your site and/or district administrators with a new perspective on the value of blogs and blogging as a tool for learning.

The attention-grabbing statistic for me was that nearly 60% of online teens and ‘tweens say they use social networking to discuss education-related topics, with 50% stating they actually discuss homework! And I quote:

In light of the study findings, school districts may want to consider reexamining their policies and practices and explore ways in which they could use social networking for educational purposes.”

Thank you to SCOE‘s John Fleischman for sharing this report during last week’s K12 HSN meeting.  Discussion of the report findings prompted #1 IT guy Bob Carter to share how his whole understanding of the value of social networking changed during a recent workshop with Alan November

Thank you Nat’l School Board.  Thank you Alan November. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this.
    I will give it a read, as it certainly is something I am investigating this year.
    By the way, I hope to get Youth Radio up and running again.
    Look for an email!


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  3. Thought I’d just say hello, from one Sacramento edublogger to another. I appreciate your informative posts.

  4. Thanks, Larry. I’ve already added your wonderful site to, a site I use for district trainings. My daughter Rachel just came on board with Sac City, but will be teaching (Science) at McClatchy.

  5. Speaking of teen online behavior discussing education, One Economy Corporation has a similar vision. One Economy is a non-profit organization bringing resources and services to low-income families via the web. Under One Economy, The Beehive and ZipRoad offer educational links and resources to supplement what students are learning in schools. Please check out and for more information about what these influential educational resources have to offer!

    Taylor Dixon
    Marketing Intern
    One Economy Corporation

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