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DOPA Again?!


A colleague just sent me the link to
I’m am completely for promoting iSafety and certainly support that part of the bill, but it sounds much like another iteration of DOPA, although this time, according to the article, “ed-tech advocates say the current legislation seems to make more sense and marks a more level-headed approach to internet safety.” But do we really need this bill?

In order to qualify for e-rates, my district, like most districts has for a long time had CIPA/COPA guidelines in place, and we are already in compliance – happily – with California AB 307:

This bill requires that school technology plans
          include a component to educate pupils and teachers on the
          appropriate and ethical use of information technology in
          the classroom, Internet safety, the manner in which to
          avoid committing plagiarism, the concept, purpose and
          significance of a copyright, and the implications of
          illegal peer-to-peer network file sharing.  Districts would
          not be required to change existing plans until their
          current plan expires or is voluntarily replaced.

How much more legislation do we need?

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