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Reflections on CUE 2008 – Day Two


Day two was another great day (except for ups and downs of wireless connections) at CUE. Here are my snippets:

The K12 HSN – We’re Not Just About the Wires – Alan Phillips: I’m still in a state of amazement over Edzone, the HSN’s newest project. Not only can California educators grab a blog (or blogs), they also have free storage for uploading – and sharing – videos, podcasts, and documents. Setting up a blog takedzone.jpges only a minute. I’ll be reposting from BlogWalker into BlogWalker’s Twin, not to defect from Edublogs, but to fully test the capabilities of an Edzone blog and to share with teachers in sites that block all forms of social networking. I’ll be checking out both podcasting and video uploading this week. Edzone is a wonderful gift to California educators!

Digital CPR: Bring Your Reading Series to Life in Video Podcasting – Mathew Needleman: For the past year, I’ve been following Mathew Needleman’s work with bringing filmmaking into the Open Court curriculum. Mathew opened the session with an amazing “film noir” produced by second graders. Check out the student film projects at, and I think you will join me in standing back in awe of the way he has integrated film into the classroom. No, these are not the GATE students. Mathew taught at a school improvement site in LA County (same school he attended). His presentation included tips, strategies, and a strong argument for filmmaking as a way of increasing student achievement. My favorite tip was to avoid simply retelling a story and, instead, develop a script around a unit theme. A very inspiring presentation! (Note to self: find research on the link between students being able to make intertextual connections and literacy gains.)

Google Earth in the Classroom – Joseph Wood: Well who isn’t blown away by Google Earth?! So GE plus a highly entertainly presenter made for a packed session. But it was worth sitting on the floor for an hour to start thinking about all the possibilities for engaging students with GE and Google Maps, and Google Skies and on and on. Joe has posted his GE in the Classroom handout, along with many other GE resources. I left this session inspired to create a Google Lit Trip or two, using the Time of Remembrance Interview Archives. Yes, you can upload video into Google Maps:-)

AFI Screen Education Center: Digital Filmmaking in the Core Curriculum – Frank Guttler and Mitch Aiken: This fast-paced session was a slice of the training for teachers offered by AFI. They are currently offering a very complete manual in PDF format on exercises for budding filmmakers. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link either on their site or Discovery Education’s site. If I locate it, I’ll update this post. (Note to self: look into attending an AFI Summer Institute!)


Yes, that is CUE’s Mike Lawrence on stage with the band at Friday afternoon’s poolside reception. I wish I could have stayed for the Saturday session, but I thoroughly enjoyed my two days at CUE 2008 (three days counting the EdubloggerConWest session). A fun ending to a fun-filled conference 🙂


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