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A Difficult Week for California Educators – “Beware the Ides of March”


I have not heard the final tally yet on the number of California teaches who were “pink slipped” this week, but in my district alone the number is over 200! Unless there is a surprise in my mailbox today (5:00 today – the “ides” of March – is the cutoff for notification), I still have my job. Given that most of the cutoffs will go to those with the least seniority, California schools will be losing many of their newest teachers, along with the energy, enthusiasm, and innovations they bring fresh from their credential programs.

The Voice Thread below is in recognition that all of us as educators will be impacted either directly or indirectly by the 2008-09 budget cuts. I left a message earlier on Murcha’s Day in a Sentence Voice Thread, but wanted to also dedicate today’s post to this painful topic. Comments are welcomed!

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  1. I’ve been told to expect mine (though I’m told they’re actually white) but no one here knows what’s actually happening. It just means that I might not be a literacy coach next year but it might not mean that at all as no decisions have been reached yet.

    I hope in L.A. that enough teachers will retire/leave the profession to balance out any potential layoffs. Our superintendent has said no permanent teachers would be let go.

  2. Mathew, I am already pretty sure your district will do all in its power to keep you on board as a coach. Given your vision, your growing following, and your track record for bridging the achievement gap, they’ll fight to fund your position.

    Sending good thoughts to you and your fellow LA teachers,

  3. Its a little scary, especially being a teacher who is in the midst of moving. Thank goodness I have a science credential and am in the process of getting my math one as well! 🙂 In my district they are magically going to fill none of the 50 or so vacancies being created as a result of retirement or attrition. However, none of the kids are leaving so, it sounds like there will be some very full rooms next year.

  4. Joe, my daughter is also credentialed in science (Earth/Physical and Bio), in a neighboring district. No pink slip yet…

  5. I think that the fall will see many of these teachers with jobs. It always amazes me that the kids show up and someone has to teach them, and suddenly, the district finds the money with which to do so.

  6. I’m hoping that will be the case in my district, Delaine. But what’s changed since the last deficit is a huge bump in foreclosure rates.

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