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Wordle – Can’t resist playing with this one


One widget I’ve not added to my sidebar is my account. I tag sites to Delicious on a regular basis (although I am slowly moving over to Diigo), but have never taken the time to keep it very organized. After reading an email from Kevin this morning with an invitation to jump in and play with Wordle, I have a new spin on Delicious…

Note: To upload your Wordle image, first take a screenshot with the PrintScreen option (or via SnagIt or Jing) and save it as a jpeg in MS Paint. Once you’ve saved your image, you can upload it with the Add media – image option.


  1. Funny how some words just jump out, isn’t it?
    Can you upload the photo into the Ning, too?
    I am trying to think of a way we can bring all of our Wordles together somehow.
    Think … think …. think.



  2. Merge all the NWP ninger’s Wordles into one image, or paste all into a table?

    I’ll head over to the ning right now and upload my Wordle image.

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