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Opening Day – 21st Century Literacies


Kathy Yancy is the opening speaker for NCTE’s Institute for 21st Century Literacies.

  • First task: Define literacy
  • Second task: Define 21st century literacy
  • Third task: Identify 10 key terms that define 21st literacy
  • Fourth task: Put key terms onto chart paper in some form. Here’s what our group of 4 came up with (using

Bonus of opening session: Kyene Beers‘ explanation of “dip in/dip out” approach to Holt Language Arts program – very different than the scripted approach! I’ll be doing a podcast with her later in the conference.


  1. Thanks for being our person on the scene – I’m very curious to hear that podcast as well as see the other great stuff y’all’ve been up to!


  2. I’ll have Ernest’s preso up before the end of the day – very cool stuff – the need for critical media literacy.

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