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Letters to the Future President: NWP + Google Docs

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The National Writing Project and Google Docs have teamed up to offer high school teachers and their students a wonderful opportunity to kickoff the school year with a collaborative writing project: Letters to the Future President. The project invites students to write about issues they would want our next president to address, and to publish their writing for a national audience.

I’ll be heading to Florin High School on Tuesday to help a group of students and their history teacher get set up for the project.  Here’s my agenda:

  • Introduce project via NWP website
  • Show Lee Lefever’s Google Docs in Plain English
  • Have students create Google accounts
  • Have them create gmail accounts – with names teacher can readily recognize (e.g., vs.
  • Invite several students into Google Doc I’ve projected to screen and give live demo of inserting comments, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Have students create their Google Doc (in this case, students will work collaboratively in teams of 2-3)
  • Have teacher explain naming conventions so that can readily distinguish each group’s letter from the rest.
  • Q & A – and call it a wrap:-)

Hats off to the many great teachers who embrace the concept of writing to make a difference and to the organizations that support them in their efforts to take their students’ voices to the word.

One Comment

  1. Excellent post, some great resources. You really did note down every little detail, got some changing to do!

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