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Art Snacks – Love this site!


One of my favorite sessions at last summer’s NECC conference was the Web 2.0 Smack Down, led by Vicki Davis. I think without a doubt the “key chain” tip for providing teachers with some 1×1 assistance following group workshops was a favorite. I was blogging the Smack Down live from the session, and somehow missed Kevin Honeycutt’s name or a link to credit him for his contribution to the Smack Down.

Last week, I received a friend request, via Plurk, from KevinH. In the process of accepting his friend request, I discovered his Art Snacks site. Oh my, what a gold mine for teachers and students! For a starter, Kevin’s video tutorials provide wonderful, easy-to-follow drawing lessons. Check out some some “art snacks” and see for yourself, like this lesson on how to draw a fire ant:

Find more videos like this on Art Snacks

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