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Mathew Needleman’s K12Online Preso – Oh my!

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I’ve blogged about Mathew Needleman before. Since attending his CUE 08 presentation, I’ve been following his blog and have even written videoconferencing sessions with Mathew into my district’s current EETT grant. But if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face with Mathew in real time or virtual time – or even if you have – you now have the opportunity to watch the amazing video he created for his recent K12Online Conference presentation Film School for Video Podcasters!

Mathew’s explanation of the storyboarding process will make you rethink those storyboarding templates (that I’ve been giving students). I also have a much better understanding of the Rule of Thirds now. He touched quickly on lighting too, an area I haven’t a clue about setting up, so I’m hoping maybe Mathew has an upcoming session on that topic.

What a strong case for media literacy in the elementary curriculum! Just wish I had joined Mathew live for his K12Online Conference session. Next year for sure!

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  1. Thank you for the great write up. I’m going to be doing an hour long version of the K12 preso at the CUE conference in March so maybe I’ll see you then and perhaps sooner by video conference. As for lighting, I know a little bit but I must confess (as I did in the movie) that it’s the area I know the least about. There are some very good books about lighting for digital video that a quick search of Amazon brings up. The tip about not pointing lights directly at your subject is the best one I’ve got. The shot above right on your blog of me outside is lit by natural light and a quartz light reflected off the overhang of my balcony.

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