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Web 2.0 Tools for Learning about Earthquakes


A post from Larry Ferlazzo on The Best Sites to Learn about the Earthquake in Italy got me thinking about resources to provide students with background on earthquakes in general – and a handout CSUSM Professor Kathy Hayden recently gave me (during the Robert Marzano session at CUE):

To the above resources, I’d like to add a tip and link for promoting active listening to science videos (or any video that has students sitting for more than five minutes): Today’s Meeting – a tool that can be used for  incorporating interactive backchanneling into movie watching. (What is backchanneling, you ask?) I discovered Today’s Meeting via a Tweet from Jackie Gerstein, which led to a  post by Chris Webb explaining innovative use of  the tool by middle school history teacher Pat Gerding.

Once again, I stand back in awe of the power of Web 2.0 and its ability to build PLNs not possible only a few years back.


  1. Gail,

    Thanks for the plug, and for sharing some excellent resources.


  2. Firstly, thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog re the whopping and shouting from California. It had me in tears. You and dogtrax are always high in my memory stakes and were amongst the first in my Personal Learning Network. That PLN has just grown and its power in education can never be underestimated. I came home early from shopping one night, and had some time to check out twitter. To my surprise and consternation, my friends in Melbourne were experiencing an earthquake. Within 10 mins, we new from the range of tweets how geographically broad the earthquake had hit, we new the size of it and could find the epicentre on google maps all through tweets.
    FOrtunately twitter is currently unblocked at school and I am going to make more use of it in class time next term.
    Another interesting application for my classes was, that some of the students in Alaska could not complete their video in time for global judging in the netgened project, as the could not get to school due to a volcanic eruption. These are all such teachable moments and the resources that our PLNs can provide are so valuable.

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