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Bad PowerPoint vs. Good PowerPoint

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I had the opportunity to participate in last week’s Computers and Writing 2009 Conference at UC Davis. One of the highlights of the conference was getting to hear Bill Cope’s Saturday keynote: The Social Web: Writing in the Era of Digital Reproduction. The good news is that Bill’s keynote was recorded and I know that immediately following his address, participants cornered conference organizer Carl Whithaus with the request to post the presentation in the same way CUE posted Marzano’s presentation (PowerPoint slides in the background or as close-ups, with Marzano narrating each one), or to upload the presentation WITH the accompanying podcast.

I find it frustrating to view the many PowerPoints educators have generously uploaded to Slideshare and other venues WITHOUT an audio file or script to clarify the meaning and intent of each slide. As for Bill Cope’s presentation, each slide is probably fairly self explanatory – but, oh my, hearing Bill explain and build the case for teaching multimedia literacy is a tool every educator and administrator should have access to. So as soon as that resource is available, I’ll post the link.

In the meantime, I’ll point you to a few other PowerPoint resources I gleaned from the conference. Although I missed Fred Johnson’s Friday morning Starting with Bad PowerPoint, NCTE ACE colleague Rich Rice shared the handout. Fred has posted links to some great resources, including his own thought-provoking When Textual Technologies Transform Writing PPt, but, darn, no audio….yet.

Thanks to Fred’s site and a handout from Betsy Gilliland, also a CW2009 presenter, here are some great resources for moving  your slidehshows from bad to good:

Heading off to update some PowerPoints…

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  1. Hello Gail,I am afraid that I am one of those persons who has not put audio to my presentations on slideshare. Is it difficult to do this? Do you do it in the ppt itself or after through slideshare. I have two weeks holidays and I might put that on my ‘to do’ list.

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