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Favorite Links for the Week – Science


This week, I’m looking across the curriculum for great resources for teachers and/or students, starting with science.

  • Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears (K-5) – Expand your background and resources on the polar regions. This online magazine has tons of amazing images, lesson plans, and even podcasts with scientists.
  • Habitat Adventure: The Panda Challenge (K-5) – Invite your students to try their hand at designing a new giant panda habitat for Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. The challenge is to balance the needs of the pandas, visitors, and staff.
  • We Choose the Moon (4-8) – Celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the Apollo 11 voyage.   Pretty impressive  graphics  combined with archival footage, audio and photos to recreate each of the eleven stages of the mission.
  • NASA’s Find Teaching Materials Search Engine (K-12) – You can easily search the database by selecting grade level, type of resource (lesson, poster, etc.), and subject.
  • PBS Quest (7-12) – Wish you had more video clips at your fingertips to jazz up your science lessons?  Checkout their great selection of lessons and videos, such as their introduction to sea slugs:
  • OK, coming up next…Favorite Social Studies Links!

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