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Good News – to pass on!


The highlight of my week was learning that I am an Edublogger Competition Winner! With that honor comes the opportunity to pass on to someone else a free, 12-month  Edublogs Supporter subscription.

I’ve decided to turn this option into a competition within my school district. Although a number of teachers have added blogging to their toolkit, as far as I know, not a single principal in the district is an active blogger in the edublogosphere. But wouldn’t that be awesome to have an “in-house” administrator join the ranks  of principal bloggers whose blogs have been added to Scott McCloud‘s growing Moving Forward wiki, such as elementary school principal Vincent Baxter, middle school principal Chris Lindholm, and high school principal Patrick Larkin ?!

My plan is to send out an email to every site representative in our Technology Advisory Committee with an invitation to nominate their principal for the EB subscription (I’ll provide the training and support). The form will be very simple, maybe something like

I nominate ______________ to become an Edublogs Supporter because I know he/she will __________________________________________________________.”

I’d like to include in the email links to 3-5 exemplary principals’ blogs from elementary, middle, and high school sites.  Do you have any recommendations?


  1. Congratulations. What a wise use of your prize. Best of

  2. Cool
    I hope it brings more folks to your blog, Gail.

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