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Encouraging the Writer in All of Us

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What do Truman Capote, Frances Farmer, Joyce Maynard, Bernard Malamud, Joyce Carol Oates, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Redford have in common?”

Answer: They all received Scholastic Contest awards as teenagers for their creative work.

So if you know budding young writers in grades 7-12, please checkout the California Writes site for information on how they can participate in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Contest of 2010.

California students have the added bonus of sponsorship by the California Writing Project. With options of up to 3,500 California student winners (Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention),  all Gold Key entries will be published online.  And if that isn’t enough…”California Gold Key winners’ work will also be judged for national awards and scholarships, with national winners honored during Scholastic’s National Celebration of Events in new York in June 2010.

Early submission deadline = December 18, 2009; Final Submission Deadline = January 8, 2010.

Have questions?  Need more information? Contact the California Writing Project at

Need a little inspiration for your YA writers?  How about joining Scholastic’s Goosebumps webcast with R.L. Stine? Scholastic has you covered with a complete teacher’s guide for the October 28 event.

Need a little inspiration for yourself (and I think your students will enjoy this too)? Checkout this YouTube clip on Inspiring Authors.

What great opportunities new technologies – supported by and in collaboration with  national organizations –  offer our students for writing for an authentic purpose and publishing to an authentic audience!

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  1. Mrs.Gail, thank you for coming to our classroom. Though it was a big surprise to see you, I had wished you would of stayed a spell longer. Please add more links to our site, but thank you for adding those links.

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