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Why Blog?


One of the basic tenets of the Writing Project is that to teach writing well, teachers must write. In our Web 2.0 world, that tenet should be extended a bit: to teach writing with technology well, teachers must also blog, tweet, and podcast—exploring writing in online environments—to understand the possibilities of the medium.”    ~ Grant Faulkner

My blog turned four this month:-).  So March was the perfect month to reflect a bit on why I blog. Thanks to an invitation from Grant Faulkner, I set aside some time to join my NWP colleagues Andrea Zellner and Joel Malley in writing a short piece about blogging and the edublogosphere.

Four years later, it’s hard to imagine teaching and learning without my blogging community.

Happy Birthday, Blogwalker!


  1. May you walk the virtual worlds for many years to come, Gail, and perhaps it is time to change your tagline? No more muddling?

  2. WOW four years! Well done and Happy Birthday!

    I’m looking for the chocolate birthday cake and I think you might have forgotten to add it?

    Thanks for all the support you give me!

    • What was I thinking?! Just swapped images with a virtual chocolate cake;-0.

      In writing the article, I realized what a great tool the Archives widget is for reflecting on a blogger’s journey. In my very first post, which includes the generic welcome comment, I thanked James for providing educators with this wonderful tool.

      And, of course, one of the most brilliant additions to the EB community is you! Having the support of The Edublogger took an already pretty good tool to whole new level.

      Looking forward to many more birthdays for Blogwalker,

      • Except now I want some chocolate cake and have no room because I ate too much dinner.

        Agree totally with you regarding the Archive widget. It is the most important widget on both my blogs as it makes it easy to see the dates, number of posts etc.

        Thanks for nice words as always re-Edublogger and looking forward to supporting you and your community through lots more birthdays!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to BlogWalker!

    It seems like only yesterday you were teaching BlogWalker to, um, walk. 🙂

    Love the piece on the NWP website featuring the work of you, Andrea and Joel.

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