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Professional Artists in the Classroom


Despite cutbacks and more cutbacks and very shaky state funding for public education, teachers in my district continue to offer exceptional learning opportunities for their students.

As California voters head to the polls in November, if they have any doubts about the importance of Governor Brown’s proposed Temporary Taxes to Fund Education-Guaranteed Public Safety Funding (a constitutional amendment that would raise personal income tax on yearly earnings over $250,000 for five years, with most of the revenue dedicated to K-12 schools), maybe the video below will help persuade them.

Shawn Sullivan is a phenomenal teacher. I want voters to realize they could be paying big bucks to send their kids to private schools in the region, but I doubt they’ll be able to find an Animations class that matches the level of instruction, expectations, and opportunities afforded to Shawn’s students.

I want to further boast that the list of innovative, dedicated teachers in my district is a long one.  A year ago, I posted the link to the Teach 21 wiki, with samples of teachers from across grade levels and disciplines, sharing best practices. Currently, videographer Doug Niva, who filmed Shawn’s piece, is helping me document the cross-curricular ways teachers are weaving digital citizenship into the core curriculum.  I hope to post those samples soon.

Good things are happening in my district and across California public schools.

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