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2012 Edublog Awards – And the winners are …


The annual Edublog Awards are a great event for discovering new resources for digital age teaching and learning.  This year’s event was a standout for me for three reasons:

#1. #UnfollowBullying won for the Best Twitter Hashtag. Very exciting to watch a student-initiated, student-led campaign move from vision to reality! (Yes, the students are from my school district:-).

#2. The Digital ID project was voted a finalist for Best Educational Wiki.

#3. Jaden’s Awesome Blog won for Best Student Blog. Fifth grader Jaden got his start as a blogger while in Linda Yollis’s 3rd grade.  Jaden’s blogging skills reflect the reading/writing possibilities that can happen when an outstanding teacher blogger models that students earn their right to their own blog by demonstrating 21st century citizenship and literacy skills through Linda’s classroom blog. Jaden also won the Most Influential Blog Post category for his Ten Things I’ve Learned about Blogging post. I love that Jaden attended the virtual awards ceremony prepared with an acceptance speech! Just wish that Ms. Yollis and her students would switch to Edublogs, as my district, like many, blocks Blogger:-(.

Congratulations to all the nominees, finalists, and winners!


  1. Awesome all the way around!

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