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February 18, 2007
by blogwalker

Showing Web 2.0

During a recent workshop on Internet safety, I attempted to provide teachers with classroom-related examples of Web 2.0 use. It might have been more information than they needed since they arrived expecting to hear about iSafety, not student projects. As I rethink the workshop agenda, I’m collecting sample videos to provide quick – and maybe inspiring – glimpses into the Read/Write web. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. (Thanks to NWP TL Tanya Witherspoon.
  2. (From Brian Crosby)
  3.  (Chris Walsh).

April 16, 2006
by blogwalker

Moving from Manila to WP

I’ve followed a few of Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed posts regarding his switch from Manila blogs to WP. I am making the same switch via edublogs. Many thanks to James Farmer for offering a free site for educators. My only suggestion would be to offer a theme or two geared to elementary classrooms. The WP interface is user-friendly enough to bring teachers on board with blogging within a two-hour workshop. Jumping in to edit a theme’s CSS, however, is definitely for the advanced user.

March 26, 2006
by blogwalker

David Warlick Sums It Up

A quote from Classroom Blogging: “It’s simple! Literacy is about communicating. It is about reading and writing. Blogging is about communicating. It is about reading and writing.

  • Literacy = Communication (reading + writing)
  • Blogging = Communication (reading + writing)
  • Blogging = Lieteracy

March 12, 2006
by blogwalker
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Teaching and Learning in an Electronic Age

Many thanks to for providing teachers with free spaces for exploring the blogosphere.  Given the growing bad press given to MySace and other blogs that our students are flocking to with little regard for the do’s and don’ts of electronic writing, I am in search examples and evidence (both anecdotal and empirical) that supports the use of blogs in the classroom.

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