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January 14, 2007
by blogwalker

Classroom Blogging – Need a Rationale?

I’ve added a new site to my Bloglines reader: EdTech Live. SteveHargadon has created a bank of podcasts about the power of Web 2.0. I’m listening right now to his December interview with Will Richardson. I’ve shared many times Will’s video with teachers during my Weblogs in the Classroom workshop, but through Steve’s interview I am hearing how Will came on board with blogging – starting with the insights of Pat Delaney, my NWP colleague and mentor – who also brought me into the blogosphere. The word I keep hearing is transformative. Through Web 2.0 I believe the potential is there, but we are just at the tip of the iceberg. Quote from Will: “Once you read, then you have things to blog about.”

January 13, 2007
by blogwalker

Podcasting for the Absolute Beginner

I am very glad I had the opportunity to hear Carol Anne McGuire’s inspiring presentation – Podcasting for the Absolute Beginner – at last week’s MacWorld conference in SF. Thanks to Wes Fryer, her presentation is now online. Carol Anne is an Apple Distinguished Teacher, a well-deserved award for the outstanding work she is doing with visually impaired students.

December 10, 2006
by blogwalker

Explaining the Web 2.0

web2.jpgMonday morning I’ll be starting my work day with a meeting with my department manager, who has invited me to talk about Web 2.0. Seems like the most logical place for a working agenda is right here inside the blogosphere.

  • So if there is a Web 2.0, there must be a Web 1.0, no?!:
  • Better yet, I could show rather than tell by sharing a fewQuickTimes from last year’s CUE Conference (Erica, Phillip, and Bob). Not the best video quality – but the content explains the value of social networking.
  • I will also draw a bit from 4 year’s worth of exploring the potential of classroom blogging to engage students in new literacies.
  • And maybe throw in a quick look at this year’s projects:
  • About time to take a look at news aggregators (RSS). I’m with Paul Allison – I still like Bloglines.
  • In addition to news feeds, I use social bookmarking as way to organize my use of the Internet. Even though it’s hard to spell, I like

Closing thought:

“If teaching is an exchange of ideas, the ways that people convey their thoughts in this day and age — text messages, podcasts, the Internet, instant messaging — must find a place in the modern classroom.

If we don’t do it, who is going to teach our students to leverage the technologies they already use for 24/7/365 learning?” Will Richardson

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