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August 23, 2008
by blogwalker
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Letters to the Future President: NWP + Google Docs

The National Writing Project and Google Docs have teamed up to offer high school teachers and their students a wonderful opportunity to kickoff the school year with a collaborative writing project: Letters to the Future President. The project invites students to write about issues they would want our next president to address, and to publish their writing for a national audience.

I’ll be heading to Florin High School on Tuesday to help a group of students and their history teacher get set up for the project.  Here’s my agenda:

  • Introduce project via NWP website
  • Show Lee Lefever’s Google Docs in Plain English
  • Have students create Google accounts
  • Have them create gmail accounts – with names teacher can readily recognize (e.g., vs.
  • Invite several students into Google Doc I’ve projected to screen and give live demo of inserting comments, hyperlinks, etc.
  • Have students create their Google Doc (in this case, students will work collaboratively in teams of 2-3)
  • Have teacher explain naming conventions so that can readily distinguish each group’s letter from the rest.
  • Q & A – and call it a wrap:-)

Hats off to the many great teachers who embrace the concept of writing to make a difference and to the organizations that support them in their efforts to take their students’ voices to the word.

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