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August 12, 2012
by blogwalker

Back from MS Partners in Learning US Forum

I’ve been home from the 2012 Partners in Learning US Forum for a week now, and my feet still have not touched ground. ¬†Amazing how much creative energy and innovation can be packed into a three-day event!

Over the next month or two, I will highlight some of my favorite projects, such as 2nd grade teacher Joli Barker, whose integration of gaming into the Magic Tree House series takes technology to a new level! What I already realize is that a huge part of the PiLUS experience is the way the connections, conversations, and inspiration impact the next school year.

For a glimpse into the energy levels present every minute/hour/day of the PiLUS 2012 US Forum, check out the Call Me Maybe video below (sorry U.S. Olympic swimmers to cut in on your video theme, but this one is about teaching and learning in 21st century classrooms:-)

As for our collaborative Digital ID project, my co-curator/creator Natalie Bernasconi and I are already looking at new ways to showcase student-created content – with innovation, extended learning, and teachers/students as agents of change (all rubric points for PiLUS judges) driving our decision making.




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