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Student-Created Content – Changing the question

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Last week I was invited to present at our local county office of education on the topic I am passionate about: student-created content. To me, one of the most important reasons for students to have Internet access across the school day and and within the core curriculum is to ensure that they have multiple¬†opportunities¬†to take… Continue reading

David Warlick at SCOE

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I’m at the Sacramento COE this morning for Dave Warlick’s Preparing Students with 21st Century Skills workshop. Opening comments are by SCOE’s Ben Anderson delivering his Educating in a Google World – To catch the full flavor, and Ben’s engaging sense of humor, you need to watch his slide show, which included a live Skype… Continue reading

Do Our Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

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Knowing that I needed a little inspiration and a bit of humor to jump start writing my district’s EETT Round 7 grant, CTAP3 mentor and friend Lauri Bailey referred me to Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED presentation. It’s worth the load time.¬† And I’m now sufficiently inspired to sit down and write Web 2.0 technologies into… Continue reading

Three Favorites from CTAP3 Conference

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I am very glad that I traveled down Highway 50 yesterday to join 300 other educators for the CTAP3 Ed Tech Conference held at Granite Bay High School. CTAP3 Director and conference organizer Ben Anderson opened the day with the statement that we would “have a great day and find this conference a valuable learning… Continue reading