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November 16, 2008
by blogwalker

Hey, what’s with the pop-up ads on EB blogs?

This morning I updated the Intro to EB Manual FAQs section with the explanation below – and the hope that my fellow Edubloggers will join me as an EB Supporter:

Last week a colleague asked me about the links to “Content Ads” that popped up when she accessed – for the first time – the Kids Book Blog (an EB site run by 5th and 6th graders at Joseph Sims Elementary School). Since I had never seen ads on any of my EB blogs or in any of my teacher trainings, I contacted Sue Waters, The Edublogger, for an explanation. Thanks to Sue and after doing a little reading in the EB Forum, I now understand that there is a very good reason for the Content Ads, and that, most likely, few of our blog readers will ever see them.

Let’s start with the reasons for Content Ads:
• Remember back in October when James Farmer was upgrading EB servers? As always, the brief disruption in access to our blogs resulted in more “goodies” being added to our EB toolkit. This last upgrade, however, has exceeded James’ budget. And that’s not a good thing. But being able to count on continued membership in the EB community of educators is a very good thing – far outweighing the occasional appearance of Content Ads on our blogs.
• Only first-time visitors to your blog(s), who are not logged into Edublogs, would see the ads. On their second and subsequent visits, no ads would appear. In fact, very few people would see ads at all, but enough search engine visitors might in order to help Edublogs cover the bills and continue to grow and develop.

Let’s look at why I had never seen Content Ads:
• For the last year, I’ve been an EB Supporter, which means that for a mere $25 per year (less than the cost of one Starbucks latte per month), I not only have extra space, a few more widgets, etc., but I also never have ads appearing on my blog.

Let’s look at why you probably do not see Content Ads on your EB blog(s):
• You will not see ads on any blog you are logged in to or have visited more than once.
• No one who has bookmarked your blog(s) or types in your URL will see any ads.
• No one logged into Edublogs will ever see any ads

Let’s look at the best solution for eliminating ads from your blog(s) and supporting the EB community:
• Become an Edublogs Supporter:-)
• Tell your fellow Edubloggers about the benefits of becoming an Edublogs Supporter:-)

August 25, 2008
by blogwalker

Small Update to EB Manual

I just updated the handout for Registering for an Edublog Username by making the screen shots a little larger and easier to read. Since many teachers like to print a copy of the manual, I’m trying to keep the pages to 30. I deleted the section on selecting time zones since it no longer seems necessary to adjust the time zone.

As always, suggestions are welcome for improving and updating the Intro to EB Manual (latest update = August 25, 2008)

August 13, 2008
by blogwalker

Update to EB Manual – for IE 6 or 7 Users

Although I generally use Firefox for my browser, last week I was facilitating an Edublogs workshop for the Area 3 Writing Project and noticed an issue with embedded files when viewed in IE: the files appear as  blank boxes and no amount of clicking can activate or open them. So I turned to the EB Forum and found the solution: Use Firefox!

But if you must use IE, here’s your workaround: Same as always, you will need to copy the embed code from the media site and then open the HTML editor of your post or page. Put your cursor where you want the media file to appear and paste in the code. Then click on Publish or, if you’ve already published this page or post, click on Save. Do NOT go back into the Visual editor. For some reason, with IE, if you head back into the Visual editor, the embed code changes, which is not good.

I’ve updated the Intro to Edublogs Manual to include the embedding issue – and also added instructions on adding a hyperlink to a comment. Here’s the linik:

May 26, 2008
by blogwalker

Latest Updates to EB Manual

I’ve been working fast and furiously to keep up with all the changes happening at I’m pretty sure James Farmer never sleeps in order to keep up with the updates, enhancements, fixes, and forum discussions. So here’s a link to my latest Intro to Edublogs Manual. It’s pretty complete, but I plan to keep making updates as needed and posting the links here as well as in the sidebar (under Resources).

I’ve included directions on adding media, using the new visual editor icons, but so far those images, PowerPoints, etc. have not been uploading. Everything else seems to be working well:-)

A huge virtual hug to James for all his efforts – and Sue Waters too! Check out Sue’s video tour.

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