Small Update to EB Manual

I just updated the handout for Registering for an Edublog Username by making the screen shots a little larger and easier to read. Since many teachers like to print a copy of the manual, I’m trying to keep the pages to 30. I deleted the section on selecting time zones since it no longer seems […]

Updates to EB Manual

A very enthusiastic new Edublogger, Tammy Null, emailed a question today regarding adding some teachers to her eSCIweb site. Creating a handout on how to register seemed like a good idea. I’ve added this one-pager at the end of the updated Intro to EB Manual (page 30).

Latest Updates to EB Manual

I’ve been working fast and furiously to keep up with all the changes happening at I’m pretty sure James Farmer never sleeps in order to keep up with the updates, enhancements, fixes, and forum discussions. So here’s a link to my latest Intro to Edublogs Manual. It’s pretty complete, but I plan to keep […]