BYOL Diigo Session

Alice Mercer and Jennifer Dorman are leading this hands-on Diigo session. Love the ease of sending a Diigo link out to your blog – or to Delicious. The highlighting and annotating features take bookmarking to a next level. “Diigo is way to digest and retrieve information later,” Maggie Tsai, Diigo developer, is explaining. For classroom […]

Web 2.0 Smack Down!

Pretty cramped quarters in afternoon session of the today’s EduBloggerCon08 to join Vicki Davis’s Web 2.0 Smack Down session. We’re sharing favorite tools: Poll Everywhere – Starting with What Is Your Fav Color poll. Create, save, open poll and public can vote via cell phone. No need to purchase clickers for your classroom! Have kids […]

Digital Storytelling with Wes Freyer

The full title for this session is Digital Storytelling as the Disruptive Change Agent. Wes is starting with fact that student and teachers have little opportunity for feedback – and development – once they’ve created a digital story. Kevin’s Celebrate Oklahoma oral histories project taps into technologies such as a ning for creating the digital […]

Edubloggercon 1 – Google Docs

First session for the Edubloggercon 2008. Hard to decide which session to start with, but I’m sitting with a group of folks right now for Kevin Jarretts’ Google Apps session. He’s starting with explanation of Google Team Edition, which allows student access to documents WITHOUT needing email accounts.It’s a slimmed down version of Google Educator’s […]

Google Earth with Lucy Gray

Lucy Gray, from University of Chicago, is leading the session. We’re starting with a look at Google Maps and how to use the search feature to make your own customized maps. Using the Sears Tower in Chicago, we’re looking at the street view, which is not available from all sites. To make a map, click […]