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December 11, 2011
by blogwalker
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“No Child Left Off Line” – Whoohoo, California is catching up!

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining my fellow California K12 High Speed Network Advisory Committee members down at the Capitol for a meeting with our State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson. Our purpose was to talk about ways to promote new learning environments in California.

Ironically, California, the home of Silicon Valley, is hardly a leader in implementing eLearning opportunities in its public schools (yikes, we’re ranked 47th in the nation on technology integration in our classrooms) – until now. The framework, the initiatives, and momentum needed to transform the “No Child Left Off Line” mantra from a vision to a reality are now available:

  • The California Student Bill of Rights Act– The Riverside Unified School District is leading the charge in California’s “no child left off line” movement, with a commitment to eliminating zip code as a determining factor in the quality of education all California students have access to. The proposed law stems from the vision of two Riverside Unified School District administrators: Superintendent Rick Miller (who also serves on the K12 HSN Advisory Committee) and David Haglund, principal of Riverside Virtual School, the largest district-run online school in the state.

I applaud Riverside USD in their efforts to address what Superintentent Torlakson refers to as “the ground swell of public impatience with the lack of online learning opportunities.” I also very much appreciate having access to their district technology plan: Vision 20/20 Plan, a document (and road map) many districts will find insightful as they update their own tech plans.

  • What If the Story Changed? – David Jakes’ recent presentation for the 2011 K12 Online Conference is a wonderful piece “to challenge your thinking about traditional perspectives on education, and offer insights on how we might rethink these.” 32 very worthwhile minutes, I promise!

Online Students vs. Traditional Students
Via: Online PhD Programs Blog

One of my personal goals for the New Year is to join a cohort of Sacramento colleagues for CTAP3’s Online Learning Teacher Certification Course via Leading Edge. Probably can’t commit to the program till this summer, but I’m already looking forward to being a part of California’s 4 A’s (Any time, Any place, Any path, Any pace) movement .

December 12, 2009
by blogwalker

Super Social Safety Digiteens on K12 Online Conference

This week I am determined to join some of the final sessions scheduled for the 2009  K12 Online Conference – Bridging the Divide. I visited the site this morning to check the schedule and that’s when I discovered the link to the Digiteens Global Project , another inspiring project facilitated by the ever-inspiring Vicki Davis.

As part of the k12 online conference 2009 and as a conclusion to the Digiteen Project #3 of 2009, students from Westwood Schools will be presenting their top socially connected sites for kids aged 8-12 (and some that they DO NOT recommend.)  As part of Digiteen 2009, these students felt that many sites that are marketed to kids aged 8-12 are not appropriate nor safe and set out to review and test the best.  They have been blogging and have a twitter account (@socialsafety) and will be presenting live in Elluminate on Wednesday, December 16, 2010 from 12:15 pm-12:45 pm and answer your questions about their testing experiences.

At the conclusion of the student presentation, from 12:45pm – 1:15 pm leading social internet safety expert, Anne Collier will reflect and talk with students about their findings.  Backchannel questions will be included in the conversation.”

I’ve been reading Vicki’s blog and following her on Twitter for a few years, but was not familiar with Anne Collier’s work.  Based on a quick visit to her Connect Safely website, I’m adding her as a major resource to my Internet safety bookmarks.  I’m impressed with her interviews posted to PBS Frontline’s Digital Nation series, and will be adding the links to the 2WebWatchers blog I co-facilitate for my district. I’ll also be sharing the video resources she has posted to the Connect Safely site, such as Larry Magid’s tutorial on privacy settings for Facebook and the Meet the Web Family videos, including Is Kate a Web Addict?:

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