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“Hacking the Learning Standards” with #DigCit Connections

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Digital Citizenship in Action

  “Stop thinking about digital citizenship as a stand-alone technology topic and begin thinking about it as an essential component of a well-rounded humanities curriculum.” Kristen Mattson, Digital Citizenship in Action A top priority of my day-time job is co-directing my district’s Digital Citizenship program. Last week a teacher at one of our elementary sites… Continue reading

A Shoutout to Kentucky, Fearless Explorers of the Common Core

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I kicked off the 3-day weekend (Thank you, Veterans!) with a cup of coffee and the September 30 edition of Time Magazine. It was the cover story on Google that prompted me to purchase a copy, but while flipping backwards through the pages, I found Amanda Ripley’s article The New Smart Set – What happens… Continue reading

Benefits of Being a Connected Educator: CCSS Resources

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I am a connected educator. Through dynamic networks such as Twitter, the National Writing Project, MERIT, and Google Certified Teachers, I can start every day with amazing new resources and thought-provoking, shared conversations on educational topics – such as the Common Core State Standards. Below are a few of my favorite CCSS-related links that have… Continue reading

Google Teacher Academy Gem #2 – Advanced search for primary sources

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This post is a part of a continuing set of reflections on my favorite take-aways from my whirlwind two days at the December Google Teacher Academy in Mountain View. Following Jennie Magiera’s introduction during the opening round of “Demo Slams” to the Chrome extension Webpage Screenshot, Mark Hammons stepped up to the mic and walked… Continue reading

Tora! Tora! Tora! – Why students need access to primary sources

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A local TV station kicked off the Veterans Day weekend with a showing of Tora! Tora! Tora! With an all-star cast, I certainly do not question why this 1970’s portrayal of the bombing of Pearl Harbor deserves recognition as an American classic. A number of lines from the movie, however, reminded me of the importance… Continue reading

David Coleman on Teaching Reading

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What the world needs most right now is wonderful questions about things worth reading. Things worth read and rereading that don’t avoid the text but bring kids into a deeper consideration of it.” David Coleman David Coleman?  Although I’ve been visiting the Common Core State Standards site for over a year now, it was just… Continue reading