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David Coleman on Teaching Reading


What the world needs most right now is wonderful questions about things worth reading. Things worth read and rereading that don’t avoid the text but bring kids into a deeper consideration of it.” David Coleman

David Coleman?  Although I’ve been visiting the Common Core State Standards site for over a year now, it was just this morning that I came across a link to New York State’s Bringing the Common Core Standards to Life. So I now know that David Coleman is a “leading author and architect of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).”

I scrolled down the menu of video clips uploaded from Coleman’s April 23 presentation and clicked on the Discussion for Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy and “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” Letter by Martin Luther King, Jr:

It took a few minutes for the clip to download – but it was worth it! Simply put, Coleman wants students to learn to think by analyzing what they’re reading. He also questions some popular pre-reading strategies, such as providing students with background information on a document by starting with a summary: “You would be stunned in curricular materials how often a text is trivially summarized before it begins. If this is all King had to offer were those conclusions, we should not do the work of reading the letter altogether.” Lots of food for thought! And I like that a transcript for each video is also available.

Heading back to the Bringing the Common Core Standards to Life in search of some more David Coleman gems…

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