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7 Reasons Why Students and Teachers Should Know How to Blog

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In the digital age, kids need to have an understanding of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. They need to learn the technical how-to’s, as well as a more global comprehension of how to navigate the online world. ” Tina Barseghian, Mindshift Students Reasons 1-6 are from Jenny Luca, Australian teacher/librarian –… Continue reading

Beyond the Post: Adding more layers to student commenting

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How can blogging help extend elementary students’ summary writing skills? If you’d been with me Friday afternoon at David Reese Elementary School, where I had the privilege of joining 5th grade teacher Rudy Alfonso for his lesson on summary writing, I’m pretty sure you, too, would be inspired by the integral role his class blog… Continue reading

Nominations for the 2010 Edublogs Award

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Edublogs Awards – It’s that time of year again. I really appreciate this opportunity to recognize those who have contributed greatly to my PLN: Best Individual Blog – Educating Alice – Monica Edinger’s posts will keep you on top of the latest in children’s literature – along with insights on how to team literature and… Continue reading

Happy First Birthday to The Edublogger!

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Of all the EB enhancements James Farmer has added over the past year, The Edublogger is my absolute favorite.  Such great tips, so well explained, and so easy to turn around and apply to my own blog and blogging practices.  Thank you, James, and Happy Birthday to The Edublogger (Sue Waters)! Seems like with every… Continue reading