ISTE Day 4: Suzie Boss – Ripped from the Headlines – Real Events Yield Relevant Projects

I already knew when I saw Suzie Boss’s Ripped from the Headlines – Real Events Yield Relevant Projects listed on ISTE’s Wednesday session that I would be ending the conference with a bang. With Paul Allison (National Writing Project/Teachers Teaching Teachers),  Katherine Schulten (NYT Learning Network) , and Matt Baird (Science Leadership Academy) joining Suzie, […]

ISTE Day 3: Infographics – Jane Krauss & Diana Laufenberg

Jane Krauss and Diana Laufenberg are leading  the Beyond Words: Using Infographics to Help Kids Grapple with Complexity session: “With digital data burgeoning, helping students make sense of information is more challenging now than ever. Infographics –visual representations of data- can play a critical role in developing students’ information literacy so they can make sense […]

ISTE Day 2: Sandy Hayes – Using Images and Music Ethically in Multimedia Writing

I’m  joining my NWP/NCTE colleague Sandy Hayes to explore more resources for teaching about copyright. Sandy’s starting with the  Simpson’s Intellectual Personality quiz, followed by Fair Use and Cultural Development – a beautiful look at evolution of art icons. “Fair Use is not a formula. It’s a matter of interpretation. And you can talk about “fair” and […]

ISTE Day 2: Will Richardson – This is not a unit

Love it when a presenter already has his/her presentation posted online.  No surprise that Will Richardson’s This is not a unit presentation is already accessible for his many followers – and you can also follow the backchannel discussion at We’re starting with  a look at the learning network of Mark Klassen, a young self-taught […]

ISTE Day 1 – NWP Hack Jam Session

I’m starting my ISTE 2011 experience at the Science Leadership Academy at the HackJam Session, organized by the National Writing Project. Chad Sansing startedthe session with a Monopoly game intro activity. Great beginning-of-the-year activity. I’ll post the link to his preso, which includes the game directions, as soon as Chad uploads the slideshow. We moved […]