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ISTE Day 1 – NWP Hack Jam Session


I’m starting my ISTE 2011 experience at the Science Leadership Academy at the HackJam Session, organized by the National Writing Project.

Chad Sansing startedthe session with a Monopoly game intro activity. Great beginning-of-the-year activity. I’ll post the link to his preso, which includes the game directions, as soon as Chad uploads the slideshow.

We moved on to, which allows you to easily change content on websites [an opportunity to “pimp your writing” (not my words)].  Click on the X-Ray Goggles link, and then drag the icon onto your toolbar.Just a click of the mouse and you can pull up the source code for any website…and then, if needed/desired, do a little editing.  Looking forward to following conversations on how to roll out this tool, ethically and powerfully, with students.

Very fun session!

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