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Explaining the Web 2.0


web2.jpgMonday morning I’ll be starting my work day with a meeting with my department manager, who has invited me to talk about Web 2.0. Seems like the most logical place for a working agenda is right here inside the blogosphere.

  • So if there is a Web 2.0, there must be a Web 1.0, no?!:
  • Better yet, I could show rather than tell by sharing a fewQuickTimes from last year’s CUE Conference (Erica, Phillip, and Bob). Not the best video quality – but the content explains the value of social networking.
  • I will also draw a bit from 4 year’s worth of exploring the potential of classroom blogging to engage students in new literacies.
  • And maybe throw in a quick look at this year’s projects:
  • About time to take a look at news aggregators (RSS). I’m with Paul Allison – I still like Bloglines.
  • In addition to news feeds, I use social bookmarking as way to organize my use of the Internet. Even though it’s hard to spell, I like

Closing thought:

“If teaching is an exchange of ideas, the ways that people convey their thoughts in this day and age — text messages, podcasts, the Internet, instant messaging — must find a place in the modern classroom.

If we don’t do it, who is going to teach our students to leverage the technologies they already use for 24/7/365 learning?” Will Richardson

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