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Electric Pen Chosen as Tech Learning Site of the Week


Kevin Hodgson‘s Electric Pen classroom weblog site provides teachers with a window into Web 2.0 possibilities at the elementary level. It is also Tech Learning‘s site of the week. What a well-deserved recognition! Kevin is my friend, mentor, and also a fellow NWP Tech Liaison. I’ve had the good fortune to join him in the Youth Radio project, a project he developed to connect students across the nation, and now across the world, in blogging and podcasting about thoughts, stories, and issues in their own communities.

Kevin mentors and inspires teachers as well as students. His SciFi novel in Six Words wiki, for example, was my first experience with collaborative writing in a wiki. Whatever learning adventure he is sponsoring, I know it will be worth the learning curve – which he manages to keep to a comfortable minimum.

Kevin’s projects serve as examples on the “New Bloom,” an updated version of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which points towards technology-enhanced activities as the means for taking students beyond “Remember” (the old “Knowledge).

Yeah Kevin!
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  1. Thanks Gail
    Your kind words mean a lot to me. 🙂


  2. You are welcome. And did I mention you are at the top of my heroes list?

    In this test-driven time, I see way too many read-the-text/take-the-multiple-choice online test examples of technology integration. I don’t actually have a problem with that…as long as the checking for understanding part is simply a first step in the scaffolding to take students up Bloom’s ladder. You continue to provided so many opportunities – and examples – that take students way beyond.

    In watching first-hand the jump Jim’s students have made via podcasting, I’m looking for ways to showcase and brag about the YouthRadio.

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