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One More Voice in Support of Al Upton


alupton.pngI would like to show my support of edublogger Al Upton by pointing readers to Sue Water‘s wiki, which includes a link to Rob Darrow‘s recent post, in which I found Miguel‘s link to Graham Hughes’s badge and a link to Steve Hargadon‘s interview with Al.

I looked through my categories, but couldn’t find one that fit Al and his Minilegends. So I’ve added a new one: In Support of…


  1. Hi Gail – Great to hear from you. And, yes, thanks for reminding me of the input we gave to UC about Calisphere years ago and isn’t it great what they’ve developed!

  2. If I recall, Rob, that workshop that you lead was about five or maybe six years ago – before the arrival of Web 2.0 technologies. Seems like a whole new world of teaching and learning opportunities!

  3. Thanks for the link to Steve’s podcast. I am writing something up, too, with the badge.

  4. you bet, Kevin. I think the fate of the Minilegends would be a good topic to invite the Youth Radio community into. How would our students react to a closing down of YR?!?

  5. Howdy! Just a quick correction…it’s not my badge, just one i linked to in support of Al. By viewing the image at my link, you can see it’s source…which is here at The 25 Hour Day Blog:

    Best wishes,
    Miguel Guhlin

  6. Thanks, Miguel. I will head back in right now to make the correction.

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