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Hall Davidson on Cell Phones in Schools


Can’t pass up a session with Hall Davidson! Hall is opening the session with a look at the stats on who allows/who forbids use of cell phones. It’s a long list on the “allow” side; a short one on the forbid side (Fidel Castro, the Talian, US school districts).

The ability to immediately send a communication – What’s the application? Kids can be creative with use of a cell phone – hey, they have them in their pockets, duh.


  • YouTube account and put in cell phone – first step in uploading video from cell phone to YouTube.
  • Old School: voice messages pushed to community
  • New School: Push video messages – you can push out a video – the power of having a human face attached to message. Tremendous difference between text and images.
  • Sample video – 3rd grade teacher in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. Video of Henry autistic student, making his first presentation in school, sent to parents via cell phone.


  • – voice to text – you can send it to Twitter. Anything that can receive text, jott can go to. Application? Intervention officer has automatic transcription of student encounter. Transcription source.
  • We’re pretty close to translation cell phones.
  • – Jen Dorman is doing great podcasts through GCast. Question: what would be a good use of cell phone in education: 888-654-2278 (Enter origianl Number if you’re using someone else’s account 301-785-0719 3) enter password 8534 4) speak) 5) when you’re done, press ## (twice). If you would rather use text, text a story in 6 words.
  • – As you text in, your data is being tallied live. You can get the data in a chart or other options.

Next steps: Revise AUPs to include ethical, acceptable use of cell phones.


  1. Hi Gail … were there any shareable handouts from the session on using cellphones? I am really interested in exploring their use in class.

    Thanks .. Frank

  2. Frank, Hall didn’t refer to any handouts. There were a few other sessions on cell phones. Let me check through the program and see if anyone has posted resources. If I find something, I’ll email you the link(s). I’m interested in classroom applications, too. I really like – this little freebie kind of eliminates the need to purchase clickers;-).

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