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NCTE – Helen Barrett on ePortfolios


Helen Barrett is sharing her commitment to life-long portfolios and building the argument for portfolios in our own personal lives, not just for our students.

Realizing I had my camera with me, I logged onto and recorded Helen’s session.


  1. Thanks for posting these. I had the opportunity to sit and glean knowledge from Dr. Barrett during NECC. I plan to utilize her work throughout our district’s implementation of ePortfolios. She is a super easy person to talk to. Hopefully, she will be at COSN and TCEA this next year. Her new book due out this fall should be plenty powerful as well.

  2. Scott, Helen also covered digital storytelling, referring to the Center for Digital Storytelling’s 7 Elements. I’ve always been a little fuzzy on the “Dramatic Question” part, but she pointed out that powerful digital stories start with a question or a statement which are then answered or explained. I’ll be adding her explanation to Bernajean Porter’s “a lesson learned” concept the next time I share the 7 Elements with teachers and students.

    See you in San Antonio?

  3. NCTE? Not this year. I have been to too many conferences in the past six months. But things change, so you never know.

    This year it will be T&L in Austin, TCEA in Austin, ATPE in Austin, and probably NECC in DC. I might try EduCon in Philly, but we’ll see. Since our writing project site shut down when the director changed universities, it has given me a bit of time to breathe with my new job. I still stay in touch with NWP via other TL buddies. If there is a site opened close to me, I am sure I will be back involved.

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